My Approach

I believe counselling and psychotherapy are interchangeable, though counselling is sometimes thought to be shorter term, more focussed work, dealing with current difficulties, while psychotherapy may be longer term, supporting  those who want to deepen their self understanding through making sense of the past, and build  capacity for fulfilment in life.


In any case, it is the unique relationship that we would develop together that is the key to success – whatever it is you are seeking to make the journey worthwhile.

I describe my approach as body oriented Integrative psychotherapy, a lot of words, but integrative means that I draw on several theoretical approaches and models, so that I may respond to you in the moment with whatever arises.

For example, being body oriented means that we would work together on all levels of your being – mind, body, emotion, nervous system, energy, recognising that many psychological problems have immediate correlations in the body, albeit

Therefore, if it is right for you, our explorations may include working with breathing, posture, body awareness, movement and energy, in order for you to connect with, express and release difficult feelings, or discover vitality out of numbness or apathy.


My approach gives you the opportunity to be, to talk, to reflect, and experiment in a safe place.

Next Steps

Whether you’re interested in counselling or psychotherapy, I suggest you make contact, and we can meet up for an initial free consultation of up to 35 mins, to explore your needs, and to answer any questions you have about therapy, my approach, and the working contract.
If we feel there’s a potential match, we might arrange 6 initial sessions and then review, or go for a more open ended arrangement. Whatever happens, we’ll continuously review our work and relationship.